Submitted 10 days ago ALREADY

Hi friends. My After Effects template was submitted 10 days ago and still in this state. It is record of continuance. Is it normal today?

  • Tom

hi Tom,
my Stock Footage is already in the queue for about 4 months now… so 10 days seems quite short in comparison…
It seems envato has too little staff for reviewing the submissions at the moment, so it takes a while. Usually templates should be much faster than stock footage, so just wait a little more, one day it will happen :wink:

so… 1 week for Stock Footage equals 1 day for Video Template… something like that… 4 days usually it takes for my templates…

10-11 days today is normal

AE template submitted 10 days ago and waiting. I will update if it gets approved.

Thanks for the latest update on que time sir.

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take in count only working days 10 days review is 12 days review if there are Sunday and Saturday in-between

My project was Hard rejected on 11th day. I will retry with better projects untill I succeed.