Styling of WordPress standard widgets [wp reviewer opinion wanted]

I was just reading the Wordpress item submission requirements and one of the items reads: “All of WordPress’ default widgets should be styled/display properly in all widgetized areas.”

While this makes total sense, im working on a theme that has widgetized areas on the header toolbar. You know, a bar of 45/50 pxs tops. Is it sill necessary for me to style standard widgets to display in there? My plan was to write a few custom widgets for that area… don’t think it will be possible to fit most of the standard widgets in that area.

Any ideas?

Anyone? It would be really helpful to have an answer to this before i finish making those widgets :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this is tolerable. But I suggest you to explain this to the reviewer while you’re submitting.

You just need to style them in regular sidebar areas (left, right, footer…)

Thanks guys, i really appreciate it