Soft Reject Need Help


  1. Please ensure sure all default WordPress widgets are styled and display properly in all widgetized areas. - Markup 2021-09-29 at 19.45.25.png - Droplr and more.

I have used Monster Widget plugin to test widgets and I can’t re-produce the error reviewer is mentioning, Please SomeOne Help.

My Unit Test Link :

Thank You Everyone


They are putting Gutenberg blocks in the sidebar.

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@CaliberThemes Thanks for your reply. Is there any way to import what the reviewer has set in his unit test data for sidebar?

Just activate your theme on fresh install ( latest WordPress version ) and you will see what the reviewer can see, The default markup for widgets title since version 5.8 is <h2 tag you need to style that as well

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@BeSquares Thanks for your reply

@WordpressRiver Hi! We received the same comment and struggle to understand what to do with it (we have <h2 styled). What did you do with this comment? Many thanks for your reply!

See this