Stock footage problem, category does not open. Can you help me ?

I have a Problem.

stock footage category does not open when I upload video.


Am I doing something wrong? Or does the site shut down for a while to install the stock footage?

Thank you…


I have opened a ticket on Envato help center about your problem. If I get any response, I will knock you. :slight_smile:

I think you are restricted to upload to that category.

for me even can not open it, and always says error. i am new user

I have the same issue. Did you resolve your problem?

Hi, as described in this article about uploading to Stock Footage category:

Stock Footage and Motion Graphics Upload Restrictions

The ability to upload items in the stock footage and motion graphics categories on VideoHive is restricted to approved authors only. Permission to upload is at the discretion of Envato.

Portfolio Review Required

To request access to upload stock footage and motion graphics items, you must submit a portfolio. This portfolio should show your ability to meet the technical, quality, and integrity requirements for these item types and also be of subjects that are likely to be relevant to potential customers. Your past account history may also be taken into consideration.

To submit a portfolio, please fill in this form.

Once you have submitted a portfolio, our team will review the items and make a decision. You will be emailed with the results of the portfolio review and if approved, the ability to upload will be assigned to your author account.

You can only submit one portfolio for review in any six month period for each category. If you are not successful with your portfolio review you must wait six months before you can submit a new portfolio for review.

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