sprintf() error while Installing Plugin Edge Core

I’m getting this error while trying to load the Baker - Fresh Bakery, Pastry and Cake Shop Theme

I get this error on installing the Plugin Edge Core
Warning : sprintf(): Too few arguments in /home/c33kitch/public_html/UprisingBakehouse.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-upgrader-skin.php on line 152

it seems to have installed…but I’m curious what the error is about.

Also, I need to know if I must use WPbakery as it’s quite confusing!? I’d much rather use wordpress or elementor…please let me know if this is compatible :slight_smile:Thank you!!

You can ignore this error, it is just a warning which you wouldn’t even see if you had your WP Debug mode disabled.

As for Elementor or default block editor, you can just try them and see if they work. You can ask the author about the official compatibility with those builders.

thanks for the quick reply!!
How do I contact the author Edge-Themes?]
Thanks again

you are good!
thanks again