WP 4.8 - TGM plug

Looks like new bug during “install required plugins” via tgmpa 2.6.1 plugin. Only with wp 4.8.

“Warning: sprintf(): Too few arguments in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-upgrader-skin.php on line 154”

Did you manage to find a solution for this issue? Is it reported to TGMPA Github page?

It’s reported but still no solution. If someone notice same bug please leave a message.

I have reported the issue.

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@Medians_ nevermind.

I found why this bug is displaying. I’ll give some more info earlier.

Please let us know when the solution is available

Ok. In the new rev of class-bulk-upgrader-skin.php ( rev. 40896) which is used in the WP 4.8, they have changed the “Show details” links in the update core screen to buttons. Now only one variable must be passed (instead of two). To fix this issue simply change this line in TGMPA (line 3954 and 3602):

$this->upgrader->strings[‘skin_update_successful’] = ( ‘%1$s installed and activated successfully.’, ‘tgmpa’ ) . ’ ’ . esc_html( ‘Show Details’, ‘tgmpa’ ) . ‘’ . esc_html__( ‘Hide Details’, ‘tgmpa’ ) . ‘.’;


$this->upgrader->strings[‘skin_update_successful’] = __( ‘%1$s installed and activated successfully.’, ‘tgmpa’ );


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line 3594 must be changed to this:

$this->upgrader->strings[‘skin_update_successful’] = __( ‘%1$s installed and activated successfully.’, ‘tgmpa’ );

line 3602 to:

$this->upgrader->strings[‘skin_update_successful’] = esc_html__( ‘%1$s installed successfully.’, ‘tgmpa’ );


Thank you very much fix working perfect :slight_smile:

Will try it and then see.

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Thank you very much, this helped. Saved from one soft reject reason :wink:

Great! It’s working. Thank you very much.

Hi, I’m sorry total novice!! How do I locate the lines that need changing? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Go into your theme folder and search for “class-tgm-plugin-activation.php”

Hope that helps?

Thank you! Worked here!

Thanks! perfect solution

Working it thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the solution !