Specific Google Marketplace Search


I’m new here so please let me know if the following is inappropriate in any way or should be better directed
to a different forum.

That said, I’m looking for someone who has or who can create a software that will do the following:

Allow you to identify all Google business listings that have a star rating of 3 or less. Input should be for type of business (restaurant,veterinarian,law firm or default to any if nothing is specified.) Additionally you should (optionally) be able to specify or filter by businesses within a specified number of miles from your location.

Output should be (as available) business name, address, phone, email, website, number of reviews. Also you should be able to download results as a csv file.

I would like this primarily as Mac program, with the option to have it for Pc as well.

Anyone know of anything, or anyone interested in bidding on such an effort?

That is quite complicated and not something you are going to find on a stock marketplace.

If you have a sensible budget then potentially someone could create a listings website or app which could do this (not sure why you would need Mac or windows specific software?) but it is definitely a custom built job

Yea, I know it would be custom. Wasn’t sure if it was likely in these forums.
Thank you for your response.

with best regards,
Dean Lind

You could try www.studio.envato.com but make sure you check out peoples experience as that is not a basic build.

Good luck