SOS! Authors from Hungary here? Please help! Which is your EU VAT IDENTIFICATION number?

Hi, please help us!

A new Hungarian client gets in touch with us because he wants to purchase our music, but Envato asking for EU VAT IDENTIFICATION number which: " should start with HU and have 8 digits", but this one has no HU and is 10 digits:

So then what he needs to use? Please help if you can, because he needs the music fast for his project.

Thank you very much!!
Lilla from HoneyLoud


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

I think you can open a Envato Help Ticket

Envato Market Author Help Center: Here

They would like to assist you.



please discuss with your legal Advisor/Advocate about this.
You can email if you need to discuss it further.


Thanks, problem solved!