Someone who are interested in team work? Please Contact me...

Hello, I want someone with photoshop knowledge (Mainly)

What I have: A great workstation PC Laptop… Quadro series.
Photoshop, Blender 3D, Octane render, After effects, Premier Pro, Davinci Resolve, Hitfilm knowledge.

What we will upload: Mock-ups, Addons (Photoshop Actions), After effects titles, any category you want.

pm me or just comment here, I am waiting for reply… :slight_smile:

You don’t need to be perfect in any of these software… we will help you…

I have good experience of how to get approve here (I had another profile, where i uploaded mockups actions etc).

Thank You…

Please don’t delete or remove this message, I just want help & want to help others earn some money… Nothing else…. :slight_smile: have a good day!

hi as for I know this is self promotion and normally u are not supposed to do something like this in the forums, so not sure moderators will keep your message as u asked … in any event, good luck and have a nice day

asking for some help or giving someone some help is not a promotion, right?

posting my own items here is obviously promotion… :grin:

lol if services and items is making so much of a difference for u , I guess we disagree on this , even if I do not really mind that u do lol

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yeah, you may be right but I’m asking for team work on Envato as I am exclusive to Envato Market. So this shouldn’t violate any terms… We see there are many new authors try hard but gets hard rejected, so I decided to help them a little bit & I also want someone’s help to complete items. Hope Moderators help me to.