Sold my first Music Broadcast & Film license today!

Its cool when clients buy your music for a wider audience. Still, I’d like to see in which projects my music ends, but at the moment, even searching the web, it becomes something elusive. If you located some projects of your own, you can share them here. Keep working, keep winning :muscle:


Comgrats man keep making music!!!

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It is very exciting the feeling of your music bought for a big project. Thanks for sharing. Once I sold this pack for Broadcast and film and it was great too!. Never located it on the final work


Thanks Octopusic for sharing your story. Yes, would be cool to see it by surprise on a big screen and say whaats? Mine was bought from Turkey, so I see it difficult to find : ) A cool idea can be to ask it on our profile. “Let us know”! Hey, loving your Octo - logo!

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Congrats @MusicWanderer =)

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Congrats @MusicWanderer! Keep going! :slight_smile:

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It’s trully an amazing feeling :slight_smile:
Congratulations with getting the first one!

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@MusicWanderer Congratulations :tada:

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Congrats man! I sold one as well last month, I remember I was stuck at 49$ for a couple of days and was thinking like: ‘‘Man, I only need one dolla come on!’’. All of a sudden, the top tier license. Felt so good!

Hahaha! yeah. Sort of surprise birthday. Keep the music up Mr @BeetOven :relaxed:

It is! Thank you @NeroMusicUa


Thank you @WildLion_Production ! Lets keep animating those notes : :man_dancing:)

Congratulations @MusicWanderer :tada: Good luck for more :wink:

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Congratulations @MusicWanderer !!!

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Yes, I will, but for now I must take a break. The problem with the eyes.:задумчивый: