Yeay, My First Music Broadcast & Film License


Today is an amazing day for me. I wake up in this morning and you know I saw my item Dance was sold with Music Broadcast & Film License. This is my very first Music Broadcast & Film License, that’s very fantastic feeling because I don’t expect that I got this so fast. It’s very motivated me to make more the best quality music every production.

Many thanks Envato and especially for the buyer from Colombia!


Congrats! :sunglasses:


Congratulations !!!
I know the feeling !!!
I also sold that was corporate !
By the way , a very decent track , not many of these ))) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congratulations! :+1:


Congratulation @AsterionSounds :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:


Awesome feeling, yes? :tada: Congratulations AsterionSounds! Great track by the way :smile:


It’s a great feeling. :slight_smile: Well done.


Congratulations !!!


Congratulations!!! Music Broadcast & Film License is great!!!


I’ll never forget how I jumped to the ceiling when I first got this license!

So, big congrats, bro! =)


It’s very nice!:grinning:




I know the feeling because I have sold it one, too, in these days! :slight_smile:




congratulations! :slight_smile: wish you tons like this! :wink: