Soft rejection For TGMP Plugin Activation

I faced this soft rejection from ThemeForest for my WordPress Theme. Please, help me if anybody can. Its about using TGM Plugin activation php file. How can i avoid this issue??


391 ERROR Silencing errors is forbidden

Code: 391 No. Line
public function overload_textdomain_mofile( $mofile, $domain ) {
// Exit early if not our domain, not a WP_LANG_DIR load or if the file exists and is readable.

if ( ‘tgmpa’ !== $domain || false === strpos( $mofile, WP_LANG_DIR ) || @is_readable( $mofile ) ) {
return $mofile;


We faced the same problem. We did not find of anything better than to rewrite this part.
Here is solution
Just replace the method.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot.