soft reject help need from expert


My item was soft rejected because of alignment and spacing issues.
Plz help me solving them
If there are any prblm then plz give me screeshot so that i cAn understand easily.


Sir plz help me


Hi @tamzid2250.

It seems that your theme has some issues relative to responsive.
You need to check that before posting your theme again.
Also change the responsiveness for some images.

Best regards.


Plz help me,i submitted again but again soft reject
Reason is alignment and spacing issues and distorted image .
Can anyone help me providing screenshot to clarify where the problem is ?


This is how i see in iPhone 6: similar issues in the main mero image too.

You can improve these spacing in desktop version:

This space is too much:

I would follow the same layout of services section for the 4 blocks below the hero image in mobile version.


That’s what i told you previously.
You need to work that responsive on your theme. You can test it, just by resizing your browser. There you’ll find some of the issues mentioned on the email.
For fix that you need to know more about responsiveness, and on how to use a grid system, or media-queries, so that you can fix those issues.

Best regards.