plz help for solving soft reject

Here is the link of my template
It was soft rejected for spacimg and alignment issues
Plz help me solving these
Screenshot of the problem Will be very helpful

problem related to font such letter spacing alignments and so on. Try to make fonts more clear

Can u be more specific and provide screenshot please ?

Plz give me some screenshot

####You can do improvements in these sections:

  • Slider button;
  • Pricing tables are really bad. Improve that box-shadow and add some real content;
  • About Divine section has a stretched image on left side;
  • Contact Address/Email/Phone boxes are not well spaced;
  • Remove Lorem ipsum texts all over the site (add real content);
  • Add a favicon;
  • Be consistent with buttons;
  • Be consistent with hovers on buttons;

There are a lot of issues in your item. Try to check some approve items to understand how to deal with hovers/consistency/content

All the best