Social Media Link Generator

Hi Everyone! How can I generate social media links in one click? I tried few extensions but they didn’t worked properly for me.

It’s quite easy… You can simply do it with single click.

  1. Go to sharelinkgenerator/ 2) Choose the social network you want people to share your content on. 3) Fill in the blanks. 4) Download a social button icon. 5) Make the icons clickable using your share link.

Can you tell me any tool or website which help can me in it?

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There are many websites on internet which provides this service for free. There are some paid also. But for start, free version is also good. If you are new then I would recommend you to use Coderstool website. It is best website for non-developers with many great features. This website is providing social media link generator for free. You can check it too.