Social Media Sharing Code Required


I hope someone can help me with this as I don’t really know what to look for!

I have a site and it has the usual twitter, facebook etc link icons, however rather than them linking directly to my own twitter, facebook pages etc I would like then to allow users to click on the icon(s) and post and share them on their own twitter etc accounts. I have seen this functionality on many sites but don’t know what coding/script I require to add this functionality to my own html site.

I would rather not have pop up panels with icons etc, but rather simply add a snippet to the a href for the link icons I already have (if at all possible).

Any suggestions most welcome as I’m still feeling my way with ‘social’.


Search as “social share” plugin at There are plenty of them

Thanks ki-themes but I don’t use wordpress so that’s not an option. I’ve gone for AddThis at the moment but would still like to find a script I can use independently on my html sites.