Social Media Icon replacing in Photography Template Version 6.5 (ThemeGoods)

im using the Photography template Version 6.5 created by ThemeGoods.
I want to add a additional social Media Icon or replace a exiting one.
Is it possible to add more social media icons. Or to replace an existing one such as dribble, twitter or tumblr, which I do not need with a new one (Xing)?
Because in addition to the existing options Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, I would also be able to link to my XING profile.

Unfortunately I could not find a folder with the graphics on the server, as with one of my other templates. There it was possible to simply replace one icon graphic with another on the server. So that the input mask is used for Twitter, for example, but the XING icon is then displayed instead of the Twitter icon. The new XING icon has the same name as the actually assigned Twitter icon.

I hope I have explained it halfway understandable because my english is not so good.

Would be happy if someone can help me to solve this problem.