Slider Revolution 6.1.7 "wait" feature not working

Hi All,

My slider wait feature doesn’t stop the animation. Has anyone run into this, and more importantly, found a fix? It has been failing since updating to 6x and I can’t find any info or help regarding this problem on the ThemePunch Support Center website. All slides created prior to 6 still work properly. It’s only occurring on slides created in the new versions. I am updated to the latest version and the latest WordPress.

When I click the arrow on the layer to set it to the “wait” setting, the “wait” displays on the timeline as normal. But, the animation does not stop during playback. When I try applying the “wait” by the slider switch in the properties panel for the animation, it is grayed out and not operational. I’ve cleared the cache, reinstalled the plugin, updated the theme (Route), etc.

I have a go-live date of March 1st and I have spent way too much time trying to troubleshoot this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Contact with your purchase item author @ThemePunch-KC @themepunch hope they will helped!


Hi @sabian66,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. The “Wait” animation will only trigger when the slider transitions and we’ve yet to receive any reports regarding this. Kindly contact us via our email at and a member of our team will investigate this further on your end.



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