Sketch to Wordpress Still got Soft rejection For the design Need some advice.

Hi everyone,
so we just got a soft rejection for our WordPress theme, This theme is the WordPress version of an already approved sketch Template

Wordpress demo link:

we got this from our reviewer

  1. Unfortunately, WordPress has higher standards in terms of aesthetics. Your design has an interesting starting concept, but it needs significant improvements in terms of aesthetics and attention to details.

We did Solve both issues and resubmitted the item and we got this response

  1. What has changed exactly? Looks pretty much the same as the initial review. We’re looking for significant changes, not minor changes.

any suggestion on how to solve this will be appreciated
looking forward to your response thanks for reading

anyone plz :pray:

Design is great, but reviewer is right - needs to improve the whitespace and contrast. Some sections have too light shadow and it looks like white on white. Also, some text does not comply with the requirements of WCAG 2. For example check your blog page via

thanks a lot will take this into consideration but I thought that WordPress psd and sketch have the same high standers when to comes to design so an approved sketch theme means 100% approved WordPress theme design-wise at least

hey @unlockdesign can you please shed some light on this matter thanks in advance


My opinion take a look on your WordPress theme make it fresh looking. Removed bg border extra dots that are not looking good. if possible create unique section.
Now it is not a Sketch template it’s WP make your theme on WP platform = Digital & Marketing Agency category.

Clean, freshness & uniqueness is most important i think.

Good luck.