Help for Hard Reject wordpress theme



Hi everyone,

a few days before I submitted a wordpress theme, which was hard rejectd,

after rejection, I did to major changes in code.
w3c validation
WP_debug, true and I resolved all the notices and warnings shown.

can someone please suggest what else I need to improve. Do I have to post theme demo URL here.

Thank you for reading


@exactthemes see if you are trying for WordPress theme I would like to tell you then you must have either unique elements/concept or design with high aesthetic. Until and unless you share your demo url it is very hard to tell why your theme got rejected and what improvements it need. And as far as coding is concerned you need to follow industry standards for that :smile:



Thank you for your time.

Here is demo url


@exactthemes Nice start but unfortunately it is not upto the marketplace standards. You need to travel miles before you get your designs approved on TF as they are very strict about aesthetics. You start is good but it still need a lot of work on typography, margin/padding and images. Spend some time on TF community and study some top rated approved design for improvement. Best of luck.



what do you think is not good, IDEA, IMAGES, SAMPLE CONTENT, DESIGN


You need a designer mate. Images, and overall design aren’t good enough (don’t forget typography). I’m sure you know how to code. Get the aesthetics right and you’ll get approved. Good luck.



Yes you are right , basically I am not a designer,

Thank you for your advice


As said by CreativeKaboom, you need a designer mate. The overall design needs to improved a lot. Please take some time to check the popular items of themeforest and you will get an idea.