Simple WooCommerce theme anyone?


I’m looking for a theme that is responsive and is good for use with WooCommerce.

I want the homepage to be the shop, showing around 8 to 12 items in 2 to 3 rows with 4 columns, product pictures shown in squares, and nothing else (just a simple header with menu and a footer). Can anyone point me in the right direction, themewise?

Thanks in advance!

There are lot of woocommerce themes here, you just need to choose one you like. Your request is basic. Check my portfolio if you have time :wink:

Gee, thanks! Why didn’t I think of that? Just choose one you like, the elegance lies in it’s simplicity.

Anyone else with some actual tips?

This shop is beautiful .

Our theme good for WooCommerce site you can check at here

Thanks dude! Right on the money :slight_smile: