Simple cool Wordpress theme is needed

Hi there,

I would need a really simple Wordpress site for my client’s business (construction / architecture, scaffolding area). I have a simple calculator: which has to be integrated, but I guess Raw HTML with Javascript can be inserted…or some sepcial plugin would be the winner.

All I need is a home page with just an image and 2 butttons, a calculator page(mentioned above), a gallery and a contact form. That’s it.

And the most important thing, that the site speed must be good when measuring with google site speed… Can you offer something please? I do not want to waste my time with optimization (W3Total cache and so on…)



Kindly take a look at our Construction WP Theme:

We can also integrate your table into the theme. You can mail us via this contact form.

I would like to suggest , It is light weight , Contact me on Envato Studio --> , I will customize your theme and deliver the complete site to you…