setting up an OP-1 Synth in FL Studio?

hi there,

well, it’s rather unusual that someone uses that particular synth in fl studio, but maybe you know what I’m doing wrong or someone knows a solution.
I googled it, searched for it on youtube, now writing an email to the manufacturer. I have no clue what to do next…

in the midi settings is no option for an OP-1, what I actually want to do is ‘export my recordings on my synth OR record live from my synth onto the program’, which is midi-out right?
used the midi plugin in fl studio and pushed REC, it records my input keys but not the actual sound…

any help would be apreciated!

How do you have it connected? Via USB? Does this synth have some kind of a driver that lets you select it as an audio input device in the FL Studio when connected via USB?

This might sound dumb, but:
If OP-1 acts like a regular, generic MIDI controller when connected, it will only send MIDI data into FL, not the actual sound. To record live audio, you need an audio cable running from the OP-1’s line output jack to your sound card input.

I didn’t found a driver to install… it is connected via usb yes, but that shouldn’t be the problem… on the website I just found this:

Connect your OP-1 to your computer with a standard USB cable. This charges the internal battery, turns the OP-1 into a MIDI controller and let you transfer audio files by just dragging and dropping them to the OP-1 icon on the desktop.

not sure yet what they mean, so I have to drag them out of the folder in a external drive directory?
all I have is usb, headphone and microphone output, no midi in/out

The headphone output is the line output. I’m guessing you don’t own a separate audio card. You need to buy a 3.5mm stereo audio cable like this one and plug one end into the OP-1’s headphone output and the other end in the line-in of your motherboard, it’s usually the blue jack on the back of your computer case. In the FL mixer select the line-in as the input device and it will record audio coming from the synth. You might need to download Asio4All drivers and select them as a default sound device in the FL Studio.

If you own a separate sound card that has a 6.3mm or some other kind of input jack, the other end of the cable should be 6.3mm or that other type.

As for the dragging-and-dropping mentioned:
You can record audio into the OP-1 itself, and then, after you finish recording, move those newly recorded audio files to the computer. However, it’s not in real-time and not what you need right now.

thanks for the help, I apreciate it.

I’ve got lucky, found this video which explains how you turn on MIDI mode and set a channel all via usb it seems, I’ll try that out when I’m home in the evening.
if not I have to try your way, but my actual goal is being able to use midi, not just audio!

so if I want midi notes with sound data, I need a midi interface inbetween my pc and the OP-1?

No. MIDI passed through USB - “Connect your OP-1 to your computer with a standard USB cable. This charges the internal battery, turns the OP-1 into a MIDI controller and …” , audio will have to record in real time, as written ToneCrate