Serious problem ! please Help

i got a soft rejected for my item and the comment of the reviewer was :
" Demo never loads for me "
i provided a working demo link and why the link not working for the reviewer !!!
my host is OVH a great company !!!

Please can someone explain me what is the problem exactly !!!

And where is your demo link ? :grinning:

why i must post my demo link !!! :smiley:
i want just to get help about this problem if someone had the same problem before !!! because my link work perfectly

no… you don’t… good luck :+1:

Nobody to help me about this subject ?!!
there isn’t a person who got in the past a problem like that !!?

I’ve seen about 5 or 10 other threads about demo link issues here and every time there has been an issue with either the hosting or typos.

If you don’t want to share a link then there isn’t much anyone in the forums will be able to offer.

after i sent the problem to my hosting company !!! they reply to me that all things are perfect about my link and no issue
really i don’t understand what happen !! what is the side that has the problem reviewer or hosting !!

As you don’t want to share the demo link here so meaning nobody can say whether it works or not :slight_smile: So why don’t you share the link to your trustworthy friend and ask him/her whether the link is working or not. Also double check the typo of the url that you sent to the reviewer and make sure its correct.