Selling made to measure products


I’m developing a website to sell made to measure products and need to price products based on width and height or length. As an example I’m looking to replicate the functionality of products on this website:

Can anyone advise if there are any plugins/code available to purchase which can handle my requirement?



That site appears to be using the gravityforms plugin.

Search through codecanyon for a “form builder” plugin and ask in the comments if they can handle the logic as per what is shown on the site referenced in your post :ok_hand:

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Great thanks, will try as suggested.

If a form builder doesn’t work, there are a few “Measurement Price Calculator” plugins available for WooCommerce.

Search on Google but also have a look at these two from CodeCanyon: and

WooCommerce is a free shop plugin for WordPress, and you can purchase a pricing plugin ontop of that.

Post back here with what you find :slight_smile: good luck!