Seeking Help with Review Verification and Documentation from ThemeForest

Hi everyone,

I’m currently facing a challenging situation with verifying a review on Trustpilot for a product I purchased, developed by Pixfort, but sold through ThemeForest. Trustpilot is requesting documentation that specifically includes my name to verify the authenticity of my review. Unfortunately, the invoices from ThemeForest lack personal details such as the purchaser’s name.

Moreover, I also need a document asserting that I have collaborated or worked directly with the Pixfort team. This is to further substantiate the authenticity of my review on Trustpilot.

Could anyone guide me on how to request ThemeForest to include my name on the invoice or provide a document showing my work with Pixfort? Any advice or shared experiences in dealing with similar situations would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
Doruk Şen

You cannot get the personal names added to the invoice or any changes at the invoice after purchase. You supposed to add your details before purchase.

Well on the invoice it shows the company name only. I included name & surname information in billing information tab. However in the invoice only company name appears.

To verify the review Trustpilot team asks for a document which includes the name on it. They do not recognize the company name even though I provided them with company establishment document with my name on it.

So I am looking a proper solution to publish my positive experience with the service provider on Trustpilot without being deleted.