Help Needed: Verifying Copyright Transfer with Token Number

Hello Envato Community,

I recently purchased a Figma UI template, including full copyright, from an author to use in my HTML and WordPress themes. My intention is to sell these themes on ThemeForest. I contacted the author directly, made the payment via his bank account, and provided my Envato profile username and email.

The author informed me that he has associated the copyrights with my Envato account and provided me with a token number. He instructed me to use this token when uploading my HTML and WordPress themes to ThemeForest.

As a newcomer to Envato, Iā€™m unsure how to verify the copyright transfer using the token number provided by the author. Could someone please guide me on how to use this token and confirm the copyright transfer?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Requesting collaborations

Envato have a new, dedicated form to use when requesting your collaborations which provides Envato with all the information Envato need to record your collaboration and get you on your way faster. After you have submitted your request to Envato, you and your collaborator will receive a confirmation email with a ticket number.

Once you receive confirmation you can submit your item for review, quoting the ticket number in notes to the reviewer.

More info here:

Check this Author Collaboration article:


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