Seeking a Carousel Plugin or Developer to Customize

I’m seeking a direct plugin or a developer to customize or integrate an owl carousel or similar for a wordpress site. Clicking an image within the carousel, displays a larger image of the same with text on the right side. The display appears directly above the carousel of images and not as a popup or lightbox. I am using the Avada theme which has its own gallery built within, but does not provide the feature I am after, though perhaps can be customized. I mention Owl Carousel as that is what is used for the feature I found on a site and wish to replicate. To view, please visit: A screenshot is also attached.
The content (image with text at right) can be pulled from an article/post or portfolio that I create. I’m just requiring the setup or plugin that provides this feature. Thanks in advance!
carousel sample

You can check CodeCanyon for the extensions. In case of paid support, you can contact me as well as at this point, I’m not sure if there’s any existing item.

Thanks, I’ve sent you a note…

I noticed :slight_smile: