Can you help with a WP Plug-in for this? I'm going crazy

Hi there!.

I need to make this gallery or portfolio in my client’s web page

And when you click on a bottle of wine the details bellow change for that specific wine…

Can you guys help me with this?

Thanks a lot to you all!

You can do it with Owl carousel and a few small modifications.

We had pretty much exactly that done by an author for us - check out “foundry” Wordpress theme where there’s something similar done using Owl

Look at the various carousel plugins but honestly you might need something custom made (using owl carousel or similar, as Charlie said).

To build something custom like that won’t take long, but depends how easy you want it to be to use.

Thanks a lot for that.

The thing is I need to deliver some easy way to my client add new products. he dosen’t know any coding…

because of that i thought that out there would be available a plug-in that makes that job easy.


Owl carousel is super easy to use - it’s not a big job to customise it to meet that design then it’s about as idiot proof as it can be

Owl Carousel has a plugin -

but to get it to work with your design will take some customisations, play with the plugin, see if it will do what you want then if it doesn’t then look at getting it customised :slight_smile:

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We have a 3d version maybe you are interested it can also be used 2d as the one you show in the image.

Thanks man!

Do you have any 2D examples? or demos…

Look’s good but after i purchase it i need to know if the text bellow the image can be larger than that…


On here is what you want right? SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE A BIT (just with the full bottle in view)

yes charlie that’s it!!!

It’s there a plug-in to do this?

As @Gareth_Gillman mentioned - it’s built using Owl carousel plugin with some relatively basic modification.

Check it out here in full view: