Searching:Advanced travel tour page

First if all I’m not any good on making webpages but done a few.
So I’m looking for an already finished design to just add my stuff in and make a few changes.

*Im looking for a themes where there is booking available for different trips where customers can build their own “dream trip” as a wish list and book the whole trip or book already Finnish trip packages.
Example they get a list of places they want to go to a specific waterfall and visit the volcano instead of a already predone package with destinations.

*pick option only driver or driver +guide option

*calender to see available slots

  • booking without any registration (not sure it will work with the wish list trip?) But should be able somehow. Option will be able to register of they want but don’t want it to be a must.

*paypal/credit card payment

So I’m looking for a page that is close to what I need and I where I can make a few changes my self. But bigger programming I won’t be able to do.

But the most important is the make your own dream trip function.

Thanks in advanced