2 travel html templates

Hi the community!

I’m looking for something I didnt find it already through ThemeForest but I keep hoping ^^ That’s why I’m posting here. I am looking for 2 themes html about travel :

  • the first one, would be about destination like everything we can look for information : weather, photos, news, places, cities, activities, etc.
  • the second one is about several means of transport or hotel : jet charter, boat charter, flight, hotels, etc. It has to get sample page, destination pages, listing pages, etc. The homepage has to be a multi form for the differents means of transport.

the homepages have to get beautiful and big pictures or even a video slider for example.

I think it could interest a lot of people!

Well, I dont know if I’m clear, do not hesitate if I can help you in any ways!

Kind regards,