Search result display CSS & HTML - with additional future work



I am in the process of developing a web application to serve a specific process purpose. The web application involves multiple UI elements and is still under development. The web application is being developed using PHP and MySQL and while several portions of the data logic, processing logic are underway, we do need help with the UI layer.

I have a fair idea of how we’d like to present elements and have the user interact with the system but need help in translating these into reality with the help of a good UI developer who has expertise in CSS, jQuery, HTML5 and JavaScript.

To begin with, we will define a single item of work and if this is completed successfully, there will be several items of work in a constant stream. This has the potential to pay well in the medium term. Hence, quality and price are essential to this project. We are still under development and are being funded by private individuals, at this moment we will evaluate and choose our help based on the following critieria -

  1. Quality of work (through previous work)
  2. Time to respond and deliver
  3. Price

Work item #1 - Search results
The web application requires a search results screen that will facilitate the following functionality

  1. Display various search results in a boxed layout (screenshot of sample / similar websites will be provided)
  2. Have the ability to display a summary information and then allow the user to toggle “more” or “less” information
  3. Display some key words in a highlighted manner within the search results

I do have a screenshot of a similar search results page and can provide that upon further request.



You can add me on skype : spyrosavl
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