Need a developer to customize the search results page


We are using this theme:

We dont like the way the search results page looks and want to have it looks like this instead:

Let me know what your estimate and timeline is by comment or pm if you are interested and capable.


The link you shared those aren’t search result page, contact me through my profile page, i’m happy to work on your job.


i cant seem to be able to find your profile where i can pm you. its not on your profile for some reason.

Here is my email address @ gmail .com

please can anyone teach me how to customize the search result page on my betheme

Depends what you want to achieve but often those pages will be fixed templates (haven’t checked this one to be certain) in which case you would need to find and edit the page template PHP

Thank for your response @charlie4282. I found what seemed like the search layout sometime ago and I don’t know where it is any longer. Through a few advice on google I found the “Search Results (search.php)” but I don’t know how to use PHP’s. I don’t know what to do in other to achieve the layout i expect. Is there any way to create a custom layout that can be linked/used as search result page, so that I can easily modify the appearance.

Not really without some knowledge of PHP to pull across the results.

You could probably find someone on who would not be that expensive to help

awesome! thanks a lot… will give that a try…

Hi @charlie4282 I got it all setup many thanks to you. But please the theme icons seems to display weird images in chrome I chose to go for Font Awesome… can you kindly tell me where to add Font Awesome to my php… i have this code:<script src=""></script> …Many thanks in advance

In such a big theme I would suggest talking to the author as I am not familiar with how it is compiled.

great…! thanks a million for the kind indulgence…:kissing_heart: