Same domain, new host - do I need a new license?

Hi, I need some insight. Before I spend $69 buying a new Avada license, I’d like to know if I can use the same license code and token key for the same domain name even though the hosting is now with another company. I haven’t started the design yet but the server environment and WP are already set up with the new host.
I’d appreciate anyone’s help here.

Hi @peterdarcy,

If it is the same end product (same domain but with different hosting) then you don’t need a new license. But you have to you have to unregister/deactivate the theme license from the old hosting, then you will be able to register the license again for the new hosting. you can not use the same purchase code (license) more than 1 website.

Still need help you should contact the theme author.


Thank you very much. Helpful.