Avada License was fine for months, now it says being used by another domain.

I bought an Avada license through ThemeForest on 2022-01-23 15:14:59 UTC. The copy of Avada has been fine and licensed for months, now I notice it says that it is being used on another domain.

The domain was originally at Weebly using their proprietary CMS. When we bought the Avada license it was only ever used at SiteGround (new host) to build a new WP site. It has always been the same domain and never changed.

There are 3 parked domains that are forwarded to the existing domain with the Avada license, surely that’s not what this is about.

Any way of contacting someone or fixing this.

Go to the Register Envato Code tab on your support account at Theme-Fusion and you will see all of your purchased code and registered sites list if you need you can update the site name using the registered purchased code there.

Otherwise contact the theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author, the theme author will be happy to assist you within their scope.


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Thank you for your detailed response.

I did as you said at Theme-Fusion and found that the license is associated with the staging domain at SiteGround where we built the site before going live. I unregistered that domain and although the text field where the original staging domain was, is blank right now, I was able to go back to my WP dashboard and register the license for the live domain with success.

Thank you again for your response it was immensely helpful.