Revolution Slider Vimeo Slider How to stop autoplay

I would like to put up a video on Revolution Slider, have it pause for 5 second (and not play), then move to the second video and do the same thing. I can’t seem to stop it from immediately playing on the first video.

Here’s what behavior I would like:


Just disable auto-play function. If you still need help, drop me an email to gmail(at) so I could offer a jQuery job

I looked at this here as a how to do this:

But my screen doesn’t look anything like this. V5.2.6

I don’t even see Slideshow as a tab. Here’s a Jing that may help demonstrate my problem.

For free support, you should contact the plug-in author considering that you have already purchased the plugin (not free version as comes within the theme that you have purchased)

If you’re looking for paid support, you can drop me an email (address given above)