Revolution Slider / Custom Javascript

In Wordpress I need the slider to randomize the slider’s starting point each time the page is loaded.
This I have solved with custom javascript, which can be added in the Slider Settings:

var slider = jQuery('.rev_slider ul'),
slides = slider.find('li'),
totalSlides = slides.length,
randomIndex = Math.round(Math.random() * totalSlides - 1),
ar = [], i;
slides.each(function(i) {ar[i] = this});
for(i = randomIndex; i < totalSlides; i++) slider.append(ar[i]);
for(i = 0; i < randomIndex; i++) slider.append(ar[i]);

All sliders have a fade transition, except the first slide.
However for the new random order the General Settings for the 1st slide are not being reflected.

Is there any custom Javascript, which can be added in the Slider Settings to override the transition settings (type, duration) for the 1st slide?

Thanks for any help.