Requesting new author after Failed Tries | Tried couple of times | Incredibly slow automated tests

I uploaded my photo Id, took picture check with took me around 30 minutes, because author check website was incredibly slow.

After author check in review process at software end went green, few days after email came to be I have to do again.

I tired to change camera this time on my pc, and after some time couple of hours, no more id checks were available.

What is going on, these automated tests are becoming very frustrated now!

I think you’ve complete the ID check if you’re not asked to do it again, or you can check out this session for more details Author ID Checks

How many times do I have to do author checks. Its frustrating!!!

If it hasn’t been verified, you should read the session to understand how to do the correct ID check. It takes a fast time to do it, besides that your device must support taking photos. And most importantly your ID must be clearly visible, I think this is a simple thing if you already understand this Author ID Checks

Ofcourse I Know that. Whats the point of repeating your conversations ?

If any one from @admin or @staff can take a look and send me email where I can do author check again. That would be great. Because previous author_check button has expired.

Request for @staff @admin Only.

Be patient, stay calm and slow my friend… I think if you understand this session and do it right, that ID check session will end successfully :thinking:

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Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you by providing a new link.


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