Remedial Help Needed

Hi All,

Overall, my knowledge of internet marketing and content based website engagement is fairly decent.

However, my knowledge in managing WordPress is fairly remedial. I have an established foundation of knowledge. Sometimes, I just cannot find the appropriate field to make the desired edit.

I have been working in the BeTheme by Muffin Group. How do I contact their support directly in order to get my extremely simple questions answered?

I am not sure how to initiate the 6 months of free support.

Thank you for your time!

Is there something on this page I am missing:

I know that is a ridiculous question…thank you for the help charlie4282.

Do you think this is a good place to receive input on my basic inquiries?

Here in forums? If it’s theme specific probably not because each theme operates slightly different.

The authors support forums is always the best place. Assuming it’s simple stuff the they will most likely help you fix it