Rejected App UI ----need your feedback

Hello Eveyone recently i have did one app template, that app connect all the artists around the world, they can participate in events, etc…but it got rejceted by quality team…please provide your feedback.

I like the simple and clean look, but that might also be a problem… perhaps too simple for a marketplace.

Another thing that might make it very difficult for anyone to create UI kits like this, is that nowadays the majority of UI for apps and websites are created using code, not images. Aside from things such as logos, icons, and photos, everything else is created using code, such as the colorful boxes, circles, text, buttons, etc. Most app creators would find something like this somewhat useless.

I think your best bet is to take all of the custom icons and illustrations that you’ve made for this, and attempt to sell those as their own things. Though, keep in mind that most icon sets have around 50 icons, depending on their subject and complexity.

Ps. If you do decide to upload an icon set, make sure to supply them as PNG, EPS, SVG, and AI (if possible). That way you can maximize their ease of use and compatibility.


Thanks for your feedback:grinning:

hi i think - i’d better tell u that i am not an expert for this part … - that basically , what u have here is sort of too “raw” that basically tis is too minimalistic at this stage and that u need to push the envelope graphic design wise. look! the colorful part with characters are interesting, though they are pretty empty and there is nothin in the background for instance …

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Thanks for giving your feedback

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u are very welcome :slight_smile:

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