Rehub Main: Vendors are unable to put available stock and shipping class.

The available stock and shipping class are basic and mandatory fields for vendors.

I’m using Rehub Main Theme for my Ecommerce website, but unable to provide these basic facilities to my vendors.

Please help me to add this fields in my Rehub Main theme for my vendors. I can’t start my business only because these obstacles.

Thanks & Regards.

Hey @jayadratha

I’m going to tag int @sizam, who is the author of ReHub.

They will be the best placed to help you with this issue :slight_smile:

Hi. If you use multi vendor functions, I guess you need to read docs of vendor plugin which you use, because these functions are part of vendor plugins, not theme.

If you use dokan -

If you use WC vendor -

Please, note, both plugins require PRO versions if you want to have different shipping per each vendor. Light versions can be used if you need the same shipping classes for all vendors

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Thanks for the support and assistance @sizam