Help & Suggestions : Theme selection for my website

Hello Team,

I am looking for help and suggestions regarding theme selection, please can you spare some time and make suggestions from your experience, many thanks.

  • Market place website
  • Vendors to be able to set up store & upload products from Front end
  • Vendors to be able to post listings(this is optional but if this option is available -great!)
  • Vendors sign up and upload products in multiple countries and currencies
  • Admin to be able to charge for vendors selling products & postings
  • The main feature & functionality I am looking is to have a calendar widget at the products page where in users before adding the product to the cart selects the date & time of product delivery/pickup from vendors location.
  • Search of products filtered by category and location
  • Google maps integration for search location
  • Website customisation as much as possible


While it does not sound impossible a degree of the requirements are going to require custom coding and unlikely to feature in stock themes.

This means you will need an extended license (around 3K) so you might want to consider a custom job