Regular VS. Extended license interpretation


I am going to create a new website for a guy that organises paid excursions. Do I need to purchase the “regular license” or the “extended license”?

The end users are going to pay for these events, the same way as an ecommerce clients pay for buying shoes, apples, iphones and so on…

However, I see that there are many ecommerce themes that are sold under the “regular license” by default, but ecommerce are for-profit organisations by definition.

Is Evanto a scam? Or am I misinterpreting the rules? (beware that you don’t only target native English speakers…)

Thank you.


You can buy the ‘regular license’, your end user isn’t selling the website as end product, he’s selling his products on his website so a ‘regular license’ is all you need.

Envato isn’t a scam.