regarding avada theme gallery

hello, to All

i am using

this gallery, with my website
but i cant use it as subcategery
i have menu - then product list of 6 prduct each list have 10 sublis mean 60 prodcuts

i want us this gallery 6 times every page will 60 product but i can do it,

can anybody help me

if there any confusion plz tell me will explain it more

You mean you have SIX items EACH with TEN images PER item? That might require some custom coding to make it work properly

Hi !!


thanks men…

see i have a prduct list under it 6 product

each product have 10 parts,

ike in product i have book printing matchine now there inside of it,
book prniting

book biding
total ten like this

now i want to use this
book prniting
book biding
all 10

at time,

but when i do it
its show all 60 products here


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