Gallery linked to single product listing

Hi, I am using Avada WordPress theme for one of my websites, interested in adding a full width gallery grid on single product pages which automatically links to the images associated with that product. Is this a simple exercise to complete? have some basic knowledge but limited when it comes to more custom applications!!

I thought this kind of feature might be useful for others also, no need to look through smaller thumbnails under featured image, simply scroll down the page and view sensible sized gallery thumbnails or click to view in lightbox.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or assistance :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not impossible to achieve but it’d require some custom work. I’m not sure if there’s any plugin achieves similar thing.

Thank you for the reply, appreciated. Yes, I suspected some custom code would be involved, guess it isn’t a common request so no plugin’s to support this that I can see so far.

It’s what you need so, yes :slight_smile: