"Reflecting on the New Year: Messages of Hope and Aspirations for 2024"

Dear Forum Community,

As we step into the year 2024, I wanted to share a heartfelt message that resonates with the spirit of new beginnings, reflections, and warm wishes. This message beautifully captures the essence of the upcoming year, emphasizing the transient nature of life, our contributions, and the eternal value of love and affection.

Let’s welcome 2024 with open hearts and a shared aspiration for everyone’s well-being. Feel free to share your thoughts, aspirations, and New Year’s resolutions. Here’s to a year filled with hope, positivity, and endless possibilities!



Personally, I am hoping to be alive and well at the end of 2024, since 2021 I lived suffocated because of the damn covid, lost my father and mother to covid, and work with an oxygen mask …

The lucky ones that were not touched by covid you are blessed and most of you don’t even realize it… not to say that some of you don’t even believe it exists… talking about “the nature of life” :slight_smile:

I hope this year Envato will start paying some attention to the marketplace and not just Elements.

What can I say? Happy New Year :slight_smile: and don’t give up!


Thanks @SPRUKO - happy new year to you, too!

It’s been a slightly rough start to the year so far, as most of my family has been sick over the last few weeks. I’m looking forward to the year ahead though, and to tackling new projects with more focus and energy.


@BenLeong "Happy New Year to you as well! :tada:

I’m sorry to hear that your family has been unwell lately. Wishing them a speedy recovery and hoping for better health for everyone soon.

Indeed, the start of the year might present some challenges, but your positive outlook towards the upcoming year is inspiring. Tackling new projects with renewed focus and energy sounds like an excellent approach!

Here’s to a healthier and more productive year ahead! :star2:"

Being alive at the end of 2024 would work for me.

I hit the town on the 23rd of December to have a few (translation: far too many) drinks, spend time with friends etc etc. While out, I also decided to revisit a club where I fell down the stairs and broke my ribs a few years previously. Kind of like a face your fears kind of thing… and I succeded wonderfully! Although a few hours later I fractured my knee in another drinking related accident just down the road. I cant catch a break.

Still… was entirely my fault, so I’ve only got myself to blame. Drink less and avoid stairs when drunk is one of my new year resolutions. And buy a knee brace. Get well soon FWDesigns!



"Thank you for sharing your experience! It sounds like quite an eventful night, albeit with some unexpected twists. Facing your fears takes courage, and kudos to you for that.

Taking responsibility for our actions is a significant step toward self-improvement. Your resolution to drink less and avoid stairs when intoxicated is a wise decision. Prioritizing safety is always important.

Wishing you a smooth recovery and a year ahead filled with moments that bring joy without the unexpected mishaps. Remember, each step towards our resolutions counts, and it’s the effort that matters.

Stay safe and take care!


"I’m truly sorry to hear about the immense loss you’ve faced and the challenging circumstances you’ve been through due to COVID-19. Your resilience and strength in facing such hardships are commendable.

COVID-19 has indeed affected lives in ways that are often unimaginable, and your words highlight the stark reality faced by many. Your perspective is a reminder of the importance of cherishing our health and loved ones.

Regarding your hopes for the marketplace, I share your sentiment. Hopefully, this year brings positive changes and more attention to the marketplace for everyone’s benefit.

Wishing you strength, healing, and brighter days ahead. Your courage in facing these challenges is truly inspiring. Happy New Year, and may this year bring you moments of peace and progress.

Thanks @SPRUKO and for everyone sharing their story. Much love if you’ve gone through loss this year or developed an allergy to stairs :black_heart:



"Thank you for your kind words and acknowledgment. Indeed, the support and shared experiences within this community mean a lot, especially during challenging times.

Loss and hardships affect us all in different ways, and it’s comforting to have a supportive community where we can share and empathize with each other’s stories.

Let’s hope for a year ahead filled with compassion, support, and brighter days for everyone. Your sense of humor regarding the ‘allergy to stairs’ adds a touch of lightness to the conversation!

Sending positive vibes to all in this community. Take care and stay strong!

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