Redesigned Community Badges Now Live!

###We’re very happy to announce that our redesigned community badges are now live!

Envato designer Roscoe has been hard at work in his pixel laboratory in an exciting project to rework all existing community badges. A total of 38 badges have now been redesigned (including recent new additions) and we hope that we can bring many more badges to the community in the near future!

To get a little more insight into this project I posed some questions to Roscoe:

##How many hours do you think you’ve spent working on this project?

That’s a really tough question, because I worked on this project sporadically in between my normal work in the marketing team. But if I had to venture a guess (and with some really basic math) I’d say somewhere in the ball-park of 150 hours. Yikes!

##Which is your favorite badge and why?

That’s like asking which of my children is my favourite, of which I also have 38! Joking, I only have 1 child. Seriously though, my favourite badge is actually one of the most simple; the “years of membership” badge. I feel like I really captured the essence of the birthday cake candle and the flame without any clutter. Also, the small version of the badge works well.

##What music did you listen to while designing these badges?

Being a metal head, there was definitely lots of heavy music on high rotation, which usually helps me to be productive. But I’ve also been listening to a lot of blues lately so I had some help from the likes of Gary Clark Jr, Freddie King, Muddy Waters and other masters of the genre.

##What was the toughest part about working on this design project?

The early stages of the projects were definitely the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. Developing a visual language that would work well alongside our branding and also become somewhat repeatable as more and more badges were created was actually quite challenging. In the beginning I worked with Tom Bryan, so he deserves a lot of credit for this work too.

##What software did you use to create the images?

I used Illustrator to create the badges. I’ve been using it for a long time now, and have become pretty comfortable when it comes to creating vector artwork. While our designers here have all been using sketch more lately, particularly for UI design, for me, when working on a project that is very illustrative or heavily focused on vectors, you can’t go past good old Adobe Illustrator.

Let us know what you think about the badges and which badge you like most of all in the comments below!


Very nice, but trending badge is old design.

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They’re not bad, but to be honest I really liked the old badges better. I think these ones are too simple and cheap looking.

I understand the motive behind making them simpler, but I honestly thought the older ones looked better. The colour choice leaves a lot to be desired and alongside everything else they look really quite jarring to the eye. Also, why are the seller badges all the same colour? I really liked the progression from yellow to red to green. Now they are a strange red colour that just looks weird to me.

My favourite badges were the seller badges and the featured badges, but I don’t really have a favourite now. Probably the best looking one is the birthday badge. To be honest I’d like to see the older badges making a return or at least a bit of a rework. For me, a lot of the motive to get the badges is now gone.

Anyway just my opinion.



Level badges for elite author back to paw, it’s worse
And in small size, all looks poor


It looks great. I like.

it looks good, but the old badges is much better.


It looks great. :+1:

There’s only ever been one Trending badge - it’s pretty new. :thumbsup:

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I miss the old badges :frowning: Does anyone has the link? I remember creating plugins just to get the black paw :smiley:


Hi Atsar! We announced the new look a couple of months ago. If anyone missed it and/or would like more details on why the redesign took place, please take a look at the following article. :thumbsup:

##New Badges, New Look

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Forum looks nice, but it would take some time to get used to it. Badges are also ok, except for the Author level badge. It doesn’t give you a feeling of achievement. I think it would be great if they have different colors, like the previous ones

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Exclusive author bug.

plz check the links. (this needs to be in profiles Right) (this showing in authors profiles)


Hi Muse_Master! There are actually two versions of every badge. A full sized, more detailed version, and a smaller, less-detailed version. The badges get used in different places so we needed two versions. You can see all the full size / more detailed versions on the Community Badges page and on the new forums page. Everywhere else, such as on Envato Market profiles and item pages, the smaller / less detailed versions will be used. Hope this helps explain. :slight_smile:

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The old badges is much better.


I like this new more. They are better

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I like it, looks great

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I don’t like the new design, it’s too simple.


@scottwills Got it Thanks. anyways i dont like the exclusive badge in my tf profile :frowning:

i like more the old badges, the old badges was prettygood.
It was better even in marketplace to leave the old badges and here in new forum new badges.
Author level and elite badge really hard to see for eye in marketplace profile page.