REALISTIC Beaver or Capybara sniffing sound

Hi community!

This time I’m posting from a buyer perspective and with a pretty weird inquire:

I’ve been searching like crazy all over the web for realistic (the real thing would be ideal) for beaver, capybaras or similar sniffing sounds. Like fast nose breathing.

I tried with tons of other animals recordings (dogs from many breads, seals, baby horses) and nothing really fit. I ended up recording something my self breathing through a wet brush and tooth brush, but it still hasn’t that snout, muzzle sound from a real animal.

So, it would be great if anyone in the community knows where could I purchase decent quality recordings of a sniffing beaver, capybara or a close sound-a-like.

@Sound-Ideas, @hollywoodedge, @prosoundfx

Any guidance would be so appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile: