Anyone else checking this out? While I still would opt for real whistling most of the time, I think this is the best sample library I have heard to date.


WoW!!! For me is the best! I will take it and the also the banjo plugin… Thank you man!!

that’s the most realistic library! Thanks

Very cool. Sounds pretty realistic to me!

Eduardo Tarilonte’s Whistler says hello.

They are both good libraries, neither of them have enough air in them to be truly authentic whistles, but good enough if you need to fake it.

I tried the Tarilonte Whistler and it just didn’t click for me…which surprised me since I have almost all of his other libraries. The Realitone library seemed easier to work with to me. YMMV.

I agree, Gareth, neither is the same as the real thing. Then again, if you heard me whistle, you would realize that often this is a good thing.