Real Estate / Property WP solution

Hi All…

I’m looking for a Real Estate / Property solution which can do the following mainly:

  • List properties (global, including all currencies)
  • Manage properties for maintenance & repairs
  • Manage Tenants (CRM)
  • Manage Landlords / Clients (CRM)
  • Connect the Property to Landlord & Tenant. Plus any maintenance or repairs done to the property
  • List Brokers
  • List Broker’s Properties
  • Most important: Connect to UK Real Estate / Property Portals.

I’m not looking for a custom job. I’m aware there are many WP themes and plugins, but which one can do the last one, connect to the UK Portals?

This maybe a opportunity for someone to create the above, as I’ve not seen a theme which not only contains listing for properties, but also their maintenance management and repairs.


There is none that can do all of those.

What is possibility that will someone else except you ask for this site?? Someone will spend 6 month to build such template and he will maybe sell 5- 6 templates for 60$ from that 60$ Envato will take maybe 35% and for what money is that template developer working?



Good question.

From what I know, the real estate industry doesn’t have 1 solution.

Yes, there are templates out there for listing properties and listing brokers. Unfortunately, this element is called managing properties, which it truly isn’t, it’s simply handling and uploading the actual listings - which is advertising.

In the real estate language, managing properties is when you look at the maintenance side of the property, such as plumbing issue, referbishment, etc… This is what is called 'Property Management" or ‘Real Estate Management’.

People in real estate have to use more than 1 system to not only conduct property listings, but also the CRM with tenants, vendors and landlords, furthermore note down any repairs and maintenance done to the property.

It is surprising to see dozens of templates, which mainly do 2 things, list properties (advertise the property) and list brokers - no one has actually looked into this properly yet.

I’ve found this plugin: - however this isn’t sophisticated, in terms of design and usage.

They maybe other system operators out there, however they are old, not modern and very expensive.

There is a big gap here which no one has filled yet - ask any property company, they will have multiple systems for just 1 simple solution.

The reason for this is prob because most likely compiling a one-stop solution would be an insanely complex, time consuming and expensive job to undertake.

This could well be a barrier to most individuals or agencies but even more so in a stock marketplace environment like this

If you have budget I can make site by your specifications that is not a problem. Out of box solution you will not find.